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Matters of Negative Energies

Although healers are very sensitive and intuitive by nature, not all are aware of the vast amount of different negative energies that occur or form part of our environment.  Be it ley lines, thought forms, geopathic stress, beasties, ghosties or other gremlins, we can be greatly affected by any of these and sometimes only notice when a lot of damage has been done.  Many who have practiced personal and spiritual development for many years and who are trying to live and walk their truth, are still badly affected at times on physical, emotional or mental levels. Continue reading

Tarot for Healing and Development

Around 40 odd years ago, I received my first pack of Tarot cards but never really took them seriously until I realised, much later in my life, that there is much more to these cards then meets the eye. The Tarot can of course be used to take a look at what is going on in one’s life and for those who have the necessary skills, they can be a valuable tool to help others gain insights into their day to day lives on what is going on or what possibilities could lay ahead. Continue reading


Nowadays there are very many different forms of healing. All have different names and all seem to take different amounts of time to learn. The VHF teaches Crystal and Energy (Spiritual) Healing and there are quite a number of other organisations that do the same. Not all seem to have the same idea of what healing is, how one can learn it and how long this takes. It must be very difficult for the newcomer to understand what healing really is, since it is explained in so many different and sometimes nebulous ways. We feel it is therefore a good idea to state in simple terms what we mean by Energy (Spiritual) Healing and we will also do the same regarding Crystal Healing later on. Continue reading