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Detours on the Path of Light

When one is consciously walking on the path towards ever greater Light, it takes commitment, scrutiny and great determination not to get distracted and swerve into the odd side road. In the grand scheme of things detours do not really matter much but for the individual it can mean slipping back and having to revisit denser vibrations and experiences one was happy to have left behind. More often than not, it takes a long time to realise one has deviated from the straight and narrow and because of this it can be difficult to get back on track. For those who have already reached a profound level of development and who therefore affect those around them considerably, it is somewhat like ‘the higher the rise, the steeper the fall’ and not really recommended. Continue reading

The Importance of Being Right

Two of the many commonplace shadows are self-righteousness and self-importance. One would initially think that these two qualities are not all that awful, but over the last few years I have been told differently by a number of colleagues, students and friends. Their experiences include relationships being destroyed, children’s lives being placed in danger, weak individuals being coached to neglect those they should support, entitlement to the point of absurdity, pretension to the point of discomfiture, businesses being wrecked and all combined with an unshakable sense of being right from the architects of this behaviour. Continue reading


Lately I have had to address some lurking inner gremlins which suddenly came to the fore. It reminded me how important it is to look at one’s projections. We all project our subconscious issues onto others, which is something that is difficult to acknowledge once we become aware of it.  It is so much easier to look at the shadow side of life outside of ourselves rather than acknowledge the uncomfortable truth that virtually everything that ‘gets our goat’ carries an aspect of our own dark side. The sooner we accept this fact, the more empowered we become. To give an example, if you get highly irritated by someone’s self-importance, it is definitely time to look at your own ego issues. If you were not projecting, you would be amused by such behaviour or not overly concerned. Continue reading

Subtle Health

It has long been established that everything that exists, including us, is made up of energy and what we perceive as the physical world is in fact a sea of energy that vibrates on different levels. This means that we can view ourselves as highly complex beings of energy of which our physical body is but the densest part. As a being of energy, we are hugely affected by the energies in the environment, the energies of others and the energies that we ourselves generate. Once we are aware of this, we can do much to improve our way of life, and this knowledge also forms the foundation of subtle energy therapies. Continue reading


Currently there is much speak of compassion and there seems to be an opinion that those in conventional healthcare have a need to learn about this quality in order to be able to manage their workload in a better manner. Continue reading

Healer Training and Development

When we first find out about subtle energies, healing, intuitive and personal development, a whole new world opens up for us. Once we start to experience what we have learnt in theory, this world becomes very real and it is then important to stay well grounded and centred in order to avoid getting caught up for too long in the inevitable pitfalls such as delusion, glamour, escapism and similar issues. Continue reading

The Soul

Many people ask me what is meant by the Soul. I believe that this concept is extremely personal and that nobody can tell someone else what it actually is. What one can do is share one’s own experience of this part of oneself or, more importantly, how to become aware of it. It would of course be more precise to state that we are but an aspect of our Soul but that is just an opinion. Continue reading

VHF at Mind Body Spirit Festival 2011

The VHF is delighted to share the interview on behalf of the Vibrational Healing Foundation between Dr Gareth Thomas and Mind Body Spirit.  Dr Gareth Thomas is the founder of Energy Medicine International (EMI).

To see the interview please click VHF Interview with MBS.

We look forward to seeing you at the Mind Body Spirit Festival 2011.


Upgrading and Evolving

Crystal & Energy Healing are therapies that are sadly enough not always taken seriously.  They are often ridiculed or even maligned and one could think that this is because of blinkered views, ignorance or an absence of ‘scientific’ proof etc., although I personally feel that part of such prejudiced views could also exist because our therapy is not always promoted in the best way possible.  One could, of course just ignore things and only focus on the positive feedback our there, but this would not really help to make a difference! Continue reading

Shadows and Light

We all live in a co created world and we also live and create/co create everything in our own environment.  We also have our own unique view of the world.  If shadows such as unlawful behaviour, theft, lies, slander, deceit, bullying, attempts to destroy others, colluding in unacceptable behaviour and people not practicing what they preach rear their ugly heads in your particular world, now is the time to take notice and action.

The above unhelpful qualities exist everywhere and most people will nod their heads and think, yes this does exists in my world and I feel that I personally suffer when others project these shadows onto me.  The papers are full of these issues and I am told that in the more conventional workplace it is now very difficult because of the recession and the fears of losing jobs and one’s ability to support oneself.  And this recession is of course also the result of shadows and so it goes on in every walk of life.

In the world of energy, healing and development, most people purport to work in Love and Light and many certainly try doing so to the best of their abilities and understanding of what this actually means.  This does not mean that there are no gremlins lurking beneath this rosy surface and such gremlins, because of the nature of energy work, can become very prominent indeed.  Usually they are unrecognised by those who project them but that does not make it any easier and like all gremlins, they can cause harm.

When such prominent gremlins are present in your world and risk to badly affect you and those around you, there are several options you can take.

  • You can turn a blind eye, accommodate, compromise and sweep things under a carpet.
  • You can turn away in disillusionment and hide.
  • You can point fingers and fight for what you perceive to be right and true.
  • You can ask someone else to do the fighting for you.
  • You can ignore it all and pretend it does not really matter.

Sounds familiar?  I have tried all these options in my life and must say from experience that none of them solve anything in the long term.  The patterns will still be there, the gremlins lurking and waiting for a chance to emerge again in some form. The only way to effectively deal with obnoxious shadows is to take responsibility for your world, which means taking action:

  • Wake up, do not compromise on values or integrity and shine Light where you can.
  • Know who and what you truly are and that nobody can diminish you.
  • Do not engage with any gremlins because then you may start to resonate with them.  Never obscure what you know could harm others and show the way as best as you can.
  • There may be those who are like-minded who wish to help which is great, but always take responsibility for what you instigate.
  • Everything matters, the world is changing and it is not helpful to stay in shadow patterns nor to collude with those who do.

The above does work although in my experience it may take a bit of time for changes to manifest.  I have the feeling that we are all given a choice and that this is one of these moments in time when our choices matter.  The path of Light has always been known as a razor edged path and this is true indeed since in the end we are all accountable.  When you are in a place of decision-making, please choose and create wisely…