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The Soul

Many people ask me what is meant by the Soul. I believe that this concept is extremely personal and that nobody can tell someone else what it actually is. What one can do is share one’s own experience of this part of oneself or, more importantly, how to become aware of it. It would of course be more precise to state that we are but an aspect of our Soul but that is just an opinion. Continue reading

Going with the Flow Unchecked!

If one is part of a group, it is very easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of others, especially if there is an amount of trust.  As healers we also prefer to perceive the best in everyone so at times we can become complacent and that can lead to a lack of discernment.  As most spiritual teachers would agree, we are responsible for all our actions and also for what we create.  What may be forgotten at times, is that we are also responsible for what we allow to happen without giving it the necessary attention. Continue reading

A Question of Integrity

I looked up the meaning of integrity and words such as honesty, truth, honour, veracity, reliability and more of the same came up.  As always in development when we peel layer upon layer of the onion of illusion away, qualities come up to be examined again and again and recently for me it was the above mentioned ones that showed me that every person perceives these qualities in a different manner. Continue reading