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Subtle Health

It has long been established that everything that exists, including us, is made up of energy and what we perceive as the physical world is in fact a sea of energy that vibrates on different levels. This means that we can view ourselves as highly complex beings of energy of which our physical body is but the densest part. As a being of energy, we are hugely affected by the energies in the environment, the energies of others and the energies that we ourselves generate. Once we are aware of this, we can do much to improve our way of life, and this knowledge also forms the foundation of subtle energy therapies. Continue reading

Children and Spirituality

The subject of children is fairly close to my heart, especially since becoming a grandmother and I therefore would like to share some of my thoughts.

I was recently made aware of a number of issues concerning children and energy work. Some were about healers purporting to be able to locate and address serious physical symptoms and another one was about a child using crystals in order to clear negativity in the world and offering private sessions to the public. I find this fairly alarming, mostly because it involves children but also because a number of energy therapy practitioners are (justifiably) becoming fodder for negative journalism. Continue reading

More on Chakras and Crystals

The VHF has often been asked why it does not promote crystal layouts in regard to the chakra system. The reason for this is that addressing chakras with the use of crystals in healing is a highly invasive technique and something that has to be done with great care. Equally, since each Human being is unique and highly complex in his/her energetic make up, one cannot possibly use a set format in regard to the choice of crystals in therapy sessions.

Continue reading

Healer Training and Development

When we first find out about subtle energies, healing, intuitive and personal development, a whole new world opens up for us. Once we start to experience what we have learnt in theory, this world becomes very real and it is then important to stay well grounded and centred in order to avoid getting caught up for too long in the inevitable pitfalls such as delusion, glamour, escapism and similar issues. Continue reading

Crystal & Healing Correspondence Courses

Many people have asked me over the years why we do not offer correspondence courses in crystal & energy healing and I feel it may be worthwhile to elaborate on this topic.  It is my view that one cannot possibly learn how to be an effective practitioner in our field without ‘hands on’ training and supervised practice, for quite a number of reasons. Continue reading

Promoting and Finding Healing Courses on the Internet

When you click on ‘healing courses’ or similar words on Google, there are millions of responses, which is great, but poses the question as to how one goes best about promoting or finding a healing course or organisation. The overload of information can be hugely confusing, especially for prospective students who are newcomers to healing, but also to course providers who may not be all that experienced in communicating on the Internet. Lately we have overhauled our website and having spent some time with this, I would like to share my thoughts on the matter. Continue reading


Forgiveness is a quality that is essential in order to be able to lead a joyful and abundant life.  It is, however, a quality that is often misunderstood and there is far more to it than meets the eye. Continue reading


During the last few months, intense questions of Harmony have kept coming up, including questions of disharmony, more often than not disguised behind smiley faces and pleasant words.  All very normal and easy to live with, unless working in the realms of energy and spiritual development, where everything is magnified by Light.

So what does Harmony mean?  Maybe the most simple definition is ‘being in tune’.  This would ideally relate to all levels of our being and then also to the Whole.  Something that is not really possible, because many of us express different tunes, change our tunes when moving forward, (not always in an easy manner) and have to deal at times with issues and people that may be out of tune in the way we perceive them.  It is of course perfectly OK not to be ‘in tune’ with everyone as long as one can accept a different viewpoint and agree to differences when these do not breach ethics or other responsibilities. Continue reading


Following on from my rant about the email I received on possible EU restrictions regarding the complementary world, I thought it a good idea to dream a little about what a more positive approach would entail. I believe we are here in order to experience the world of matter for a while, add to and/or alter it by what we create and hopefully do this in joy and harmony. Also maybe learn some lessons, be able to move through challenges and evolve as much as we can. This is a simplified view of course but it works for me. Continue reading