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Healing information for the Public

Unfortunately, over the last few years, there have been a number of issues in the newspapers that have put healing in a distorted light due to instances of healers not behaving appropriately or professionally.  I also have had quite a number of calls from people who were not happy with healing sessions, alas at times for good reason.  Had the clients in question known a little more about what to expect, much grief could have been avoided. Continue reading

VHF at Mind Body Spirit Festival 2011

The VHF is delighted to share the interview on behalf of the Vibrational Healing Foundation between Dr Gareth Thomas and Mind Body Spirit.  Dr Gareth Thomas is the founder of Energy Medicine International (EMI).

To see the interview please click VHF Interview with MBS.

We look forward to seeing you at the Mind Body Spirit Festival 2011.


Upgrading and Evolving

Crystal & Energy Healing are therapies that are sadly enough not always taken seriously.  They are often ridiculed or even maligned and one could think that this is because of blinkered views, ignorance or an absence of ‘scientific’ proof etc., although I personally feel that part of such prejudiced views could also exist because our therapy is not always promoted in the best way possible.  One could, of course just ignore things and only focus on the positive feedback our there, but this would not really help to make a difference! Continue reading

VHF Ireland: Light Course in Derry, N.Ireland

The VHF is proud to announce the VHF Light Course will be starting January 2011 in Derry, N.Ireland.

The VHF Light Course is an advanced manifestation and development course for qualified healers leading to self-realisation and empowerment on all levels.

For further details and to enquire, please click VHF Light above and have a read!  If you’re interested, click ‘Contact Us’ (at the bottom of that page) in the main site.

VHF Ireland: Light in Ireland 2 – Amethyst Day, June 13th 2010

The VHF facilitated a weekend in Ireland on June 12th and 13th 2010. The purpose was to clear old patterns and allow new vibrations to be ushered in, not just for the participants but also on a collective level. Continue reading

VHF Ireland: Light in Ireland 1 – Rose Quartz Day, July 7th 2007

The day to activate the 22 Rose Quartzes in Derry was a great success. There were more than 40 participants, most of them healers and all worked hard to help anchor the Light.

Twenty of the Rose Quartzes have been distributed throughout the whole of Ireland, one is in London and His Holiness the Dalai Lama has also been presented with one, which is now at his residence in India. Continue reading