Detours on the Path of Light

When one is consciously walking on the path towards ever greater Light, it takes commitment, scrutiny and great determination not to get distracted and swerve into the odd side road. In the grand scheme of things detours do not really matter much but for the individual it can mean slipping back and having to revisit denser vibrations and experiences one was happy to have left behind. More often than not, it takes a long time to realise one has deviated from the straight and narrow and because of this it can be difficult to get back on track. For those who have already reached a profound level of development and who therefore affect those around them considerably, it is somewhat like ‘the higher the rise, the steeper the fall’ and not really recommended.

So how can one avoid these tedious distractions? I personally believe that having colleagues & friends who are on a similar wavelength and who know you well enough to be brutally honest when necessary, is something invaluable. It has (so far) enabled me to just dip the odd toe in stagnant water and quickly retrieve it before too much damage was done; but then I am lucky enough to have amazing fellow travellers who do not mince their words and who are aware of the pitfalls on the road. It can, however, be of use to know about some of the many signs and symptoms that indicate you may have stepped onto a roundabout.

If one looks at the chakra system, it is the three lower centres and the first three levels of the auric field that relate most to our everyday life experiences. Matters of survival, money, relationships, self-esteem, power struggles and getting the good old ego in a twist are obvious issues that all of us must sort out before we can keep coming from a point of Light in a more consistent manner. Our emotional responses, thought patterns and the vast amount of subconscious data that we carry form part of this, which indicates that there is a need to have ‘mastered’ one’s personality and practical life in a grounded manner if one wishes to move forward on this path. It follows that when one’s down to earth life becomes too complicated to handle with relative ease, it is pointless to focus exclusively on inner development and Light work. The aim is after all to bring more Light into the world and not to escape it.

For many who have been on the path for a little while, one of the major diversions is glamour, better known as delusion. This includes the notion of being more special than others; becoming a healer or an enlightened being within a matter of days; denying or ignoring the laws of cause and effect; believing one can successfully engage with and fight dark energies, commanding Angels to do one’s bidding or confusing banalities with important messages received from the Light. All such and similar issues are warped versions of ‘ancient’ wisdom, spirituality and eternal truth and can have dire consequences for oneself and unfortunately also for others and the collective. It is something that is fairly recognisable in the current ‘New Age Movement’ and interestingly was predicted and warned about over a hundred years ago by some of the more enlightened folk that were around at that time.

Those who have travelled the path for quite a while know that having a strong link to the Light cannot ever be taken for granted. Light attracts moths and such energies act in subtle ways and can affect one negatively where there is weakness in the personality, during change when the energy field is less hardy or when one has numerous or difficult challenges to address. The link can then get more and more distorted and the person affected will become less and less discerning and therefore not aware of it. The best way to recognise the odd moth is when general behaviour ceases to be sensible and those affected start to act in an irrational manner, often going against their own (and others) interest. If this continues for too long the way back can be arduous indeed and some veer of the path for many years which is the actual aim of energies that are opposed to Light and evolution. It is therefore crucial to have various methods at hand to help check one’s link is clear and strong at all times.

Another way to circumnavigate major difficulties (without becoming self-obsessed) is to look at the world as a mirror and to take full responsibility for all that is going on in one’s life. To cultivate a good sense of humour is obviously essential and to have a number of friendly peers is a must since there are only few individuals who are able to travel in isolation. It is also of value to develop healthy discernment and to only take on board what you can use for your own and/or other people’s benefit. Above all make sure that everything you do is in sync with your higher self, in which case you cannot really go wrong.

All of us who travel consciously on this specific path know that it is razor edged rather than royal and although more demanding than anything else, it is also the most rewarding.  The ultimate aim is to help anchor more Light into the world and the collective so that all can learn, create and have their earthly experiences in more harmony and joy. This is why, although detours are OK, it is in the interest of all that we do not stray too often…