The Use of Symbols in Subtle Energy Medicine

Symbols can affect us strongly on profound levels which is why we have to be fastidious with their use in subtle energy work. We often place clients in patterns of crystals such as ovals, circles, squares, diamond shapes or triangles. These patterns all relate to the human energy field and are universal in what they represent. We also at times use patterns such as 5 or 6 pointed stars, half-moon shapes or when appropriate, crosses, but since these can also relate to religion, belief systems or cultural ways of life, a client is always asked beforehand if they are happy with this.

Many years ago I watched a healer ‘drawing’ a Christian cross on someone’s back with her finger and later asked if the client had expressed a wish for this beforehand. I was firmly told that it was a good idea to do this for everyone because of what this cross represents. When I remarked that those of other belief systems could well be unhappy about having such a potent symbol so blatantly introduced in their healing session, this was ignored.

I am grateful for this questionable experience since it led me to meditate, think and experiment with symbols in crystal and energy healing work. I did this on myself and on colleagues who were fully aware of which symbols I was using and what they represented. The outcome proved again and again how incredibly powerful this technique is and how meticulous one has to be in using certain symbols. Many people have strong beliefs and/or strong cultural differences which obviously also extend to their energetic makeup. This is why we must be careful to only use symbolism that resonates and if it has religious or cultural implications, to ensure the client is happy with this. Anything else would not just be disrespectful but could also have adverse effects.

I had another experience where cultural differences showed up quite spectacularly. I was teaching a healing group in Ireland and we decided to end the day with a chant. Usually this is the Om or AUM. Although most Irish healers have amazing voices the sound was not exactly great. We then thought to try the AMEN and the sound was virtually that of a professional choir. I am convinced that with a Buddhist group or a group in an Eastern country it would have been the other way around.

In our code of conduct it states clearly that healers respect all human beings equally regardless of belief, religion, race, nationality or country etc. In my view this includes being respectful when using symbols, be it in patterns or projecting them into a client’s energy field.

For anyone who is interested in this subject, a good exercise is to deeply meditate on a number of symbols and then note the considerable differences. The reason for this article is to promote some awareness on the potency of symbols and how important it is to use them with knowledge and care in one’s healing work…