Subtle Health

It has long been established that everything that exists, including us, is made up of energy and what we perceive as the physical world is in fact a sea of energy that vibrates on different levels. This means that we can view ourselves as highly complex beings of energy of which our physical body is but the densest part. As a being of energy, we are hugely affected by the energies in the environment, the energies of others and the energies that we ourselves generate. Once we are aware of this, we can do much to improve our way of life, and this knowledge also forms the foundation of subtle energy therapies.

Emotions, thought patterns (both conscious and subconscious), memories, beliefs and ideals can all be perceived as subtle energies which are situated in what is termed the human energy field, better known as the aura. This energy field, which relates to and represents our subtle makeup, consists of several layers, energy centres and energy lines. It surrounds our physical body and we ceaselessly project and take on board both positive and negative energies by means of it. Everything we experience is processed throughout this field and the various systems within it.

As we all know, there are pleasant and unpleasant emotions, thoughts and memories and all have their own particular energy. When everything in our life is more or less in harmony, the auric field will be in balance, when, however, issues are amiss, these show up as blockages. If these are not dealt with they can become quite persistent and then ultimately affect our physical health. A well-known example of this is stress related illness. Although we can do much to help ourselves once we are aware of our subtle make up, if things get on top of us, it can be of benefit to seek help from an experienced subtle energy practitioner.

Such a practitioner is adept in assessing where blockages in a person’s energy field are situated and to take appropriate action to help individuals reach a personalised state of well being and wholeness. This may include calm and peace for those who are going through difficult issues; energising for those who feel listless; support on subtle levels when change, challenges or any other taxing situations are being experienced; and also assistance with past issues. At times the practitioner will use tools such as crystals, flowers, flower remedies, colour and sound in order to help with this process.

Much has been written about subtle energy therapies and one of the misconceptions is that it is relatively easy to learn to become a practitioner and that this only takes a few days or weekends of tuition. In our view nothing is further from the truth and training to become a competent practitioner takes a minimum of two years and to gain further expertise, at least two more years of post-graduate studies. The reason for this is that so much involved in learning this valuable therapy. Apart from the study of subtle anatomy and how to assess the condition of the auric field and the systems within it, a practitioner has to be able to channel energies safely and effectively. All of this involves developing intuitive gifts and dealing with one’s own issues. Becoming aware of the world of energies and how to perceive these in oneself and others is not something that can be learnt via correspondence. Although theories are important, most of the work is experiential and plenty of practice is involved.

How to use crystals and other tools with competence also takes much time and experience, especially since each person’s energetic make up is unique and multifaceted. It is worthwhile to mention that contrary to popular myth, crystals do not cure physical symptoms or ailments. If this were true, they would be used in conventional medicine but this is not the case. Crystals do have energetic properties and they can help shape and focus energies, but practitioners will direct such energies as is appropriate into the energy field of a person and not into the physical body. One can also not use a set format or state which crystals are helpful for certain conditions in view of the simple fact that we are all different. There is not one other human being in the world who has the same energetic make up as our own, and in addition to this fact, our energy field is in constant motion since every thought, emotion and experience has an effect on it as has the energies of others and the world around us.

Subtle Energy Medicine is in its infancy and the fact that everything is energy, although established by science more than a hundred years ago, is still not taken seriously by many. If it was, many of us could improve our lives with relative ease. The old mystery schools were aware of these facts of life thousands of years ago but kept the knowledge secret. At present there is an equal amount of waffle and valuable information out there and for the newcomer it is not always easy to discern. When looking for a practitioner it is therefore worthwhile to ascertain that s/he belongs to a recognised organisation and has had a number of years of training. When looking for a workshop on the subject it is advisable to make sure the facilitator is qualified and experienced in what they teach. Those who are genuine will gladly answer questions concerning this.

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