Lately I have had to address some lurking inner gremlins which suddenly came to the fore. It reminded me how important it is to look at one’s projections. We all project our subconscious issues onto others, which is something that is difficult to acknowledge once we become aware of it.  It is so much easier to look at the shadow side of life outside of ourselves rather than acknowledge the uncomfortable truth that virtually everything that ‘gets our goat’ carries an aspect of our own dark side. The sooner we accept this fact, the more empowered we become. To give an example, if you get highly irritated by someone’s self-importance, it is definitely time to look at your own ego issues. If you were not projecting, you would be amused by such behaviour or not overly concerned.

If you know that what you cannot stand in others is an opportunity for self-knowledge and development, you can start to transmute your personal gremlins into Light and thereby become increasingly able to respond appropriately to those who mirror you. This does not mean agreeing with hurtful or harmful behaviour from others, but to stop taking things personally and taking right action. If you are able to come from a higher note, what some call the ‘higher self’, and view your emotional responses and thought processes with more detachment, you are definitely on the right track. For instance, if you hear that someone has been spreading nasty stories about you and there is no projection, you will not feel the urge to retaliate and make things worse. Coming from a ‘higher’ perspective you can see it for what it is and just shrug it off or take effective action if necessary.

When a strong negative emotion takes over, you can just observe it, let it flow through you and let it go. Some folk may need to whack a pillow, run a mile, shed a few tears or take a few deep breaths before letting go and that is fine. When you become aware of persistent negative thoughts, you can say ‘stop’ and start focussing on what is important in the moment. Our mind is our own! Very often negativity is projected on to you from others, your environment or even the collective and it is good to recall that we all affect each other continuously. It is imperative, if you want to create peace, joy, abundance or anything else in your life, to centre yourself from time to time and to take stock of what is going on energetically.

The majority of people are not acutely aware of their emotions and thoughts, and even those of us who are, and who spend time observing these aspects of ourselves, can get caught up in reactive behaviour or negativity. It could be worthwhile to set aside a few minutes every day to ‘remember yourself’ and come back into your own power. You can then also deal with issues of projection and start to refocus on what it is you are here to do, to create or to be.

Please note that if you are outraged or deeply affected by evil that is out there in the world, this is not necessarily personal projection. To write about this would require entering much more deeply into this subject and these few lines are just to touch on it lightly and to alert you…