Children and Spirituality

The subject of children is fairly close to my heart, especially since becoming a grandmother and I therefore would like to share some of my thoughts.

I was recently made aware of a number of issues concerning children and energy work. Some were about healers purporting to be able to locate and address serious physical symptoms and another one was about a child using crystals in order to clear negativity in the world and offering private sessions to the public. I find this fairly alarming, mostly because it involves children but also because a number of energy therapy practitioners are (justifiably) becoming fodder for negative journalism.

As we all know, children are precious indeed and they need a lot of love, nurturing and care. They are fully dependant on their parents and it is especially in the years prior to puberty that the pattern for adult life is set. There are many gifted children and, if lucky, they have parents who guide them well, help them to develop their talents and who are worthy of the implicit trust and love of their little ones. Unfortunately there are also those who are misguided or worse and, sadly enough, children are no longer immune from being exposed to New Age distortions and pseudo spirituality. The impact this can have on later life is not well understood, probably because of a lack of information in the field.

The fad in regard to Indigo Children has now fortunately disappeared with hopefully the bullying that many young ones must have endured because of it. At shows, people still tell me that they were an indigo child, but I when assume interest, they usually look sheepish which is good news. Maybe all the ‘enlightened ones’, masters, Atlantean Elders, Angel commanders and similar ilk will soon follow suit and then a renewed, normal and indeed necessary focus on the world of subtle energies can emerge.

Coming back to the subject of children, I watched a TV programme a few years ago that was about ‘energy healing’ for children. The young ones on the programme not only received ‘healing’ energy but were also instructed how to facilitate it. One teenager present referred to the instructor in question (behind her back) as having an obvious midlife crisis and projecting her issues, which showed remarkable insight for someone his age.  The younger ones, however, were visibly trusting and it was difficult to watch their innocence being subjected to such behaviour and many viewers complained about it. There were quite a few programmes at the time trying to ridicule complementary therapies, but in this instance it was more unnerving than anything else, mainly because it concerned children.

Children are interested in everything and many love crystals, collect them and play with them. There is nothing wrong with that. Most children are naturally intuitive and eager to explore the world. They are also highly creative and it is good to encourage that. If a child is overly sensitive to energy, you help it to be safe and grounded in the world. If it speaks much about spiritual matters, then you respond accordingly, which is with common sense. What mystical gifts are concerned, virtually all known spiritual leaders only came to the fore when they had reached maturity and this is for good reason. None of them talked adult inspired gibberish about crystals or offered healing sessions when they were a child. None of them were exposed to media in their infant years. The Dalai Llama is searched for and found at a very young age, but that is an exception, and relates to his being the incarnation of the previous Dalia Llama and of course to the culture in Tibet.

If you have an outstandingly sensitive child, then help it to become used to this world of matter, teach it how to live in it and try to guide it as much as possible to find its own path. It will be exceptionally aware of the energies of others and its environment and may need some extra care concerning this. What I am concerned all children come directly from the Light and it is probably challenging enough for most to get used to this denser plane.

To encourage a child to speak of clearing the world’s negativity via crystals and to then expose this to the media is already bad enough. To let any child offer ‘sessions’ to the public in the knowledge that unwholesome, ill or strange individuals are most likely to  respond, is appalling in my opinion. I heard that quite a number of individuals made sensible comments in regard to this story, condemning the whole thing. Sadly most of these were from the conventional world, where many ‘New Age’ folk did not see anything wrong with it. This is somewhat disturbing and clearly demonstrates the perils of distortion and glamour.

When we reflect on what is meant by transmuting darkness into Light, we know that we can only do this in accordance with our own development and our own vibration. It is only when we are learning lessons and addressing our own issues that we can help clear/transmute negativity of a similar nature and evolve accordingly. There are indeed individuals and groups who have given their life in service to help do such work, but they are little known and all are adults. Children should have the right to be children & all this entails and they are not responsible for the darkness in the world. In addition to this, questionable exposure on the internet can also have huge repercussions as we know all too well. Equally, the amount of negative focus directed at an individual carries its own energetic implications.

In regard to healing, we have now included the subject of children & healing on the VHF course and we will also at some stage revamp our website concerning this issue. Children are vulnerable, and it is important to put information out there that can help point those who care for them in the right direction what energy work is concerned. I have written a number of articles on this blog in relation to children, because the subject keeps coming up and should anyone ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us…