More on Chakras and Crystals

The VHF has often been asked why it does not promote crystal layouts in regard to the chakra system. The reason for this is that addressing chakras with the use of crystals in healing is a highly invasive technique and something that has to be done with great care. Equally, since each Human being is unique and highly complex in his/her energetic make up, one cannot possibly use a set format in regard to the choice of crystals in therapy sessions.

Choosing the correct choice of crystals and techniques is something that varies for each individual and each separate session, which requires skill, knowledge and experience. In addition to this, crystals carry potent energies and it is of vital importance to get it right. Any specific layouts, in our opinion, are therefore only ‘hit and miss’ at best, which is why we do not endorse them.

To illustrate this, here is an example: The ‘traditional’ colours of the heart chakra are green, pink and gold, but since all colours are present in each of the chakras, it is not always appropriate to use green, pink or yellow crystals. Equally, not all green, pink and yellow crystals are suitable for the heart centre since many of them have too dense an energy. Green Garnet, Bloodstone and Malachite are just some unsuitable examples in regard to green stones. Rhodonite, Pink Garnet and Pink Mookaite are other examples and Yellow Jasper, Tigers Eye and Pyrite represent yellow stones that are far too dense for the higher chakras.

Another reason one cannot generalise is that the choice of a crystal for a chakra depends on the state of that chakra. Chakras can spin too fast or too slow, they can be blocked or in an acute state of change and all of this to varying degrees.  All of this would require different crystals. In addition to this, each human being has a different disposition. Some are fragile, others are more robust etc. and all of this must also be taken into consideration.

Chakras are energy centres and they relate to how we take on board, integrate and deal with what life brings us. In other words it is about how we learn and evolve. Most of us experience difficulties at times and when this happens, one of more chakras can be out of balance. Usually such issues also show up in other areas of the energy field which is why it is so important to be able to assess where to work and to make sure that when using crystals, all of these are appropriate and in harmony with each other as well as geared to each individual’s unique requirements.

Crystal Therapy is a precise form of healing that requires expertise. Unfortunately, if not done correctly, it can cause energetic damage and ultimately the state of our energy field affects our overall well-being. This is why we do not generalize in regard to choices of crystals for energy work or promote specific layouts.

In addition to this we do not state that crystals can help address specific physical symptoms since this would be misleading. Our practitioners focus on a client’s energy field and the systems within this field and not on physical symptoms, which is the domain of alternative and conventional healthcare professionals. I hope this answers the many questions we have received.