The Role of a Grandparent

Having become a grandparent last year and therefore focussing on the subject a little, as well as talking to a number of people in regard to their experiences of grandparents I just wonder how many out there find this subject of interest!

In my view the main role of a grandparent is to love and spoil the little one, without of course overstepping the mark in relation to the parents wishes. It is, however, also to give as much support as possible without interfering or ‘knowing better’ and only voicing opinions when asked! This in my case is never easy, but fortunately I have a close bond with my daughter and am happy to be told off if I get a little over enthusiastic.

The arrival of a baby is a huge event and apart from the obvious, many people do not realise how life changing it is on subtle levels. This is the time when old childhood memories, both good and difficult come to the fore and family patterns start rearing their not always positive heads. It can be very challenging for first time parents because there are so many new things to learn and so much to think about and all of this compared with serious lack of sleep. There is also the concern of doing it right and there is this third person in the relationship that takes first place all of a sudden, which leaves less time for a while for the other half!

It is unfortunately often the case that family members of new parents are highly critical or disapproving behind their back, not realising how such negativity, especially if often voiced or discussed with others, can impact them and the baby. Those who are not consciously aware of subtle energies may start to feel unduly depressed, lose confidence or just have a sense of doing everything wrong. Sensitives will be aware of something going on but may not know how to keep the unhelpful energies from affecting them. Those who are experienced may be able to protect themselves and their baby from the worst, but it may still have an effect on their health, well-being and even their relationship. I am sure that many who read this will recognise the signs!

Compared to most I had it fairly easy, even if being a sensitive, and am very grateful for that. Equally my less happy experiences gave me the knowledge and understanding to do things right now my turn has come to be a grandparent! It is fact that all new parents need support; support and more support and, in addition to this, positive and loving thoughts towards them, especially from family members. Anything else can be highly destructive, even if not always obvious to those who are not in our field. All babies are highly susceptible to energy and take everything in like sponges, which is why a loving atmosphere is so essential, especially in the first few years of life.

There is not much information out there on this subject and I hope that someone out there, who is a new parent; an experienced healer and who has a set of grandparents will write a book about it! I hope this little article may serve as initial inspiration…