Healer Training and Development

When we first find out about subtle energies, healing, intuitive and personal development, a whole new world opens up for us. Once we start to experience what we have learnt in theory, this world becomes very real and it is then important to stay well grounded and centred in order to avoid getting caught up for too long in the inevitable pitfalls such as delusion, glamour, escapism and similar issues.

Every single one of us who is consciously travelling on this road towards self-discovery and Light has experienced moments of illusion, especially in those first few years. Believing one is an Angel or having Archangels at one’s command is a favourite. Glamorous past lives, as Cleopatra or an Egyptian priest or priestess is another. Channelling important historical figures or remembering being an Elder in Lemuria or Atlantis is also high on the list and all of this is harmless, unless of course one becomes trapped in such issues. Most of us have had a laugh at ourselves once we moved forward and learned how to better navigate.

The inevitable personal gremlins that we must overcome before we can move our awareness a little beyond what is termed the astral world, and the effect this world can have on intuitive folk who are starting out, are usually the main cause of trouble. For those who teach healing and development it is therefore highly important to make sure that students know how to stay grounded and balanced in day-to-day life. It can also help to point out some of the more obvious truths and signposts and to make sure that there is enough support available.

It may help to make those who need it aware of the following facts. What Angels are concerned, every record of Angels having directly intervened by helping Human beings in regard to illness, mentions an instant miraculous cure; equally mighty Archangels are known to have hugely significant jobs and there is enough literature on this in order to help people see with clarity. Of course healers ask the Angelic for help and, for that matter, anyone whose belief system recognises these beings of Light, but there is no need to broadcast this or to take personal credit!

Much is written about Lemuria and Atlantis and purporting to having been an Elder in those days is not necessarily a positive point to have on one’s energetic CV but rather something one could well prefer to leave out! An over the top focus on the reproductive organs, resulting in extreme, deviant sexual practices (Mu) and black magic of the most malevolent type imaginable (Atlantis) seem to have been rife in those times and the main reason for the downfall of these legendary civilisations. It is indicated that these two root races represented the initial development of the sacral and solar plexus centres and therefore were about learning to live and adjust to the world of matter, rather than the spiritual or energetic awareness and experiences that the higher centres represent.

Having been a member of the ancient Egyptian priesthood or royalty may also not prove to be all that respect inspiring and the point of living in a linear time frame is always about evolving rather than go backwards. Channelled information of a high calibre has often proven to be helpful to the whole of Humanity but in such cases was rarely ‘glamorous’. It did not require for the person who channelled it to become a guru of some kind or to have a ‘following’. It was usually made available by way of the written word but seems to have become a thing of the past. Nowadays, most authors on spiritual matters take full responsibility for what they write and there are indeed amazing books available!

It may also be helpful to point out that not so long ago people in our work were regarded (at best) as mentally unstable, and this stigma is still present to a certain degree and unfortunately not always unjustified. I feel that the best help you can give your students or those who seem a little ‘out of it’, is to make sure they know how to ground and centre themselves as well as practice discernment in regard to the more obvious delusional claims that are around and it never hurts to admit to have been in a similar position once upon a time…