The Soul

Many people ask me what is meant by the Soul. I believe that this concept is extremely personal and that nobody can tell someone else what it actually is. What one can do is share one’s own experience of this part of oneself or, more importantly, how to become aware of it. It would of course be more precise to state that we are but an aspect of our Soul but that is just an opinion.Most of those who are what one can term ‘consciously on the path towards Light’ know that ultimately all is one. This is theoretical knowledge since there are not many (if any) people on the planet who experience this and then behave accordingly. We all experience an individual existence and in my view the same goes for the Soul. Just like we are often part of groups of people with like-minded interests, the same goes for the Soul, which one could then term one’s Soul group. Stating this comes from personal experience and although quite a number of people could well conclude that I may have a strong imagination, the experience was extremely profound and very real to me. It enhanced my life hugely, not just in thought and emotion, but also in the way I experience the world around me and manifest in it.

This was not about sitting on cloud nine, it actually showed that a few changes needed to be made, which is something that we all know is not always easy. The result, however, was more clarity, more inspiration and more inner peace about who I am and what my purpose in this life is about. I personally believe that all of us are on our own journey towards ever greater Light (or if you like enlightenment). One could also liken this to ever increasing vibrations, but that is a more technical term in regard to energy work. I also believe that this increased awareness does not stop with the Soul, but the concept of the Soul is comprehensible and the Light beyond it may not; so I will refrain from going there.

Some believe that our Soul represents our most profound essence and in some regard that resonates, but only if this essence transcends the ordinary, by which I mean emotional patterns, thought patterns, our blueprint and even other lifetimes. It is something that could be viewed as our highest point of reference and something that is constant to us. It is also something that is intensely private and personal in regard to this plane of existence. I incidentally believe that no other person, however talented, can or should tell others what their purpose in life is, or actually try to interfere with someone else’s most profound essence. This awareness has to come to each person when the time is right, because the implications that could result from tampering with this deepest aspect of an individual are unmentionable. What can be done, however, is to help someone reach their own Light in their own time and that, incidentally, is what both healing and development are about.

So how could one start to link to or get a sense of one’s Soul aspect, other than being involved in development including profound meditation practice? The answer is very simple and it is beauty. To lose oneself in a spectacular sunset or a beautiful landscape, or reflecting deeply on a stunning piece of art is a way to the Soul for those who are intensely visual. Listening to a beautiful piece of music is a way in for others. Poetry may be something that is also inspiring. Love in its most ‘unconditional’ and purest aspect can also link to this greater Light that we ultimately are. The way I reached this link was by asking for help when I needed an anchor during an intense period of expanded awareness (that some would call an experience about everything being one) but that needed to be grounded. I did get the help that was needed by being given the understanding that I am sharing with you now.

There will be no doubt as to having linked to your Soul aspect or not, since this link brings inner peace, harmony, understanding, clarity and much more. To then retain and act in accordance with these qualities in the world around us is more difficult, but once the link is made, one can always go back when needed. Ultimately such a link can well help to change one’s own conduct in the world, see other peoples conduct with a healthy discernment and respond appropriately when necessary.

The world is changing and many are looking within in order to be able to find a better way forward. Can you imagine if all of us would be in regular touch with our Soul essence and act upon its Light…