Monthly Archives: February 2012

Crystal & Energy Healers and Misleading Information

Much song and dance has been made lately regarding the question of crystal & energy healers misleading the public with certain statements relating to advertising. My personal view on this is that on the one hand, it seems that complementary therapies are targeted by a variety of people who may have a variety of (not always altruistic) motivations; on the other hand some statements that are on the web can indeed be viewed as misleading, and I would like to share some of my thoughts on this matter, since this issue affects all of us. Continue reading

Promoting and Finding Healing Courses on the Internet

When you click on ‘healing courses’ or similar words on Google, there are millions of responses, which is great, but poses the question as to how one goes best about promoting or finding a healing course or organisation. The overload of information can be hugely confusing, especially for prospective students who are newcomers to healing, but also to course providers who may not be all that experienced in communicating on the Internet. Lately we have overhauled our website and having spent some time with this, I would like to share my thoughts on the matter. Continue reading