Upgrading and Evolving

Crystal & Energy Healing are therapies that are sadly enough not always taken seriously.  They are often ridiculed or even maligned and one could think that this is because of blinkered views, ignorance or an absence of ‘scientific’ proof etc., although I personally feel that part of such prejudiced views could also exist because our therapy is not always promoted in the best way possible.  One could, of course just ignore things and only focus on the positive feedback our there, but this would not really help to make a difference!Unfortunately boundaries between Crystal & Energy Healing, and conventional medicine are not often clearly enough set and one cannot blame people for raising an eyebrow when it is proclaimed that a specific crystal treats a physical illness or that a certain crystal will assure happiness, good relationships or financial abundance.  Such statements are misleading and can lead to frustration, anger or disillusionment for those who then buy the crystals in question and who subsequently find out that it does not really work that way!  It is also presumed at times that healers treat/address specific physical symptoms directly and this can lead to further misunderstandings.  There are also a number of people who seem to be under the impression that to qualify as a healer and to set up a practice only involves a few days of training.  Taking all of this into consideration, it is understandable that many are not overly impressed and find it all a little questionable.

In our view it takes quite a number of years of study, development and practical experience in order to become highly proficient in both Crystal & Energy Healing and the learning never stops.  This is in fact not so different from more conventional therapies, professions or subjects.  As with orthodox medicine, the healing arts also keep evolving over time and more awareness always results in increased understanding, new experiences and improvements in the field.  Hopefully science will also catch up more and more and create a device that can better measure subtle energies, including the energy systems within the Human bio magnetic field.  This would help those who find it difficult to acknowledge anything they cannot see.

VHF is of the opinion that the current two year training in Crystal & Energy Healing is sufficient (for those who complete this successfully), to start practicing professionally, but we also know that this is just the beginning.  We have therefore, over the years, established a further two-year training programme, leading to a specialist qualification in ‘subtle energy medicine’.  Both programmes take a minimum of 5 years to complete, although most healers may prefer to take a little longer.  In addition to this there is a fifth post graduate year in place that healers can attend in stages and treat as continuing professional development.

All in all this represents 5 years of in-depth training and many more of practical experience and, in our view, such dedication, expertise and practical skill is what makes subtle energy medicine to specialist level, a highly valuable and effective therapy that deserves the same respect as any other specialist qualification.  By promoting Crystal & Energy Healing and the Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist™ qualification in an accurate manner, by keeping the appropriate boundaries in place and by having the necessary skills to practice effectively I hope that our therapies will gain the respect and recognition they deserve across the board.  We will continue to do our best…