Shadows and Light

We all live in a co created world and we also live and create/co create everything in our own environment.  We also have our own unique view of the world.  If shadows such as unlawful behaviour, theft, lies, slander, deceit, bullying, attempts to destroy others, colluding in unacceptable behaviour and people not practicing what they preach rear their ugly heads in your particular world, now is the time to take notice and action.

The above unhelpful qualities exist everywhere and most people will nod their heads and think, yes this does exists in my world and I feel that I personally suffer when others project these shadows onto me.  The papers are full of these issues and I am told that in the more conventional workplace it is now very difficult because of the recession and the fears of losing jobs and one’s ability to support oneself.  And this recession is of course also the result of shadows and so it goes on in every walk of life.

In the world of energy, healing and development, most people purport to work in Love and Light and many certainly try doing so to the best of their abilities and understanding of what this actually means.  This does not mean that there are no gremlins lurking beneath this rosy surface and such gremlins, because of the nature of energy work, can become very prominent indeed.  Usually they are unrecognised by those who project them but that does not make it any easier and like all gremlins, they can cause harm.

When such prominent gremlins are present in your world and risk to badly affect you and those around you, there are several options you can take.

  • You can turn a blind eye, accommodate, compromise and sweep things under a carpet.
  • You can turn away in disillusionment and hide.
  • You can point fingers and fight for what you perceive to be right and true.
  • You can ask someone else to do the fighting for you.
  • You can ignore it all and pretend it does not really matter.

Sounds familiar?  I have tried all these options in my life and must say from experience that none of them solve anything in the long term.  The patterns will still be there, the gremlins lurking and waiting for a chance to emerge again in some form. The only way to effectively deal with obnoxious shadows is to take responsibility for your world, which means taking action:

  • Wake up, do not compromise on values or integrity and shine Light where you can.
  • Know who and what you truly are and that nobody can diminish you.
  • Do not engage with any gremlins because then you may start to resonate with them.  Never obscure what you know could harm others and show the way as best as you can.
  • There may be those who are like-minded who wish to help which is great, but always take responsibility for what you instigate.
  • Everything matters, the world is changing and it is not helpful to stay in shadow patterns nor to collude with those who do.

The above does work although in my experience it may take a bit of time for changes to manifest.  I have the feeling that we are all given a choice and that this is one of these moments in time when our choices matter.  The path of Light has always been known as a razor edged path and this is true indeed since in the end we are all accountable.  When you are in a place of decision-making, please choose and create wisely…