Going with the Flow Unchecked!

If one is part of a group, it is very easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of others, especially if there is an amount of trust.  As healers we also prefer to perceive the best in everyone so at times we can become complacent and that can lead to a lack of discernment.  As most spiritual teachers would agree, we are responsible for all our actions and also for what we create.  What may be forgotten at times, is that we are also responsible for what we allow to happen without giving it the necessary attention.

This does not really matter all that much on a personal level, since our mistakes are usually meant to be a learning curve.  When other people are involved and affected, that may be another matter!  When we are used to focus on the best in others, we may overlook possible shadows that form part of each and every individual and when such shadows then emerge, we are often unable to perceive these.  Even when there is a niggling awareness that all does not seem right, we may choose to ignore such warnings and excuse this in the name of wanting to be in ‘love and harmony’ with our fellow workers at all cost regardless of the consequences.

Agreeing with decisions that affect many without question and without taking the time & effort required to make sure that everything adds up and that such decisions are indeed to the benefit of all involved, can result in disillusionment, regret and worse and it is often then that one is placed in a position of following either the easy road or the right one!  The right one in such cases usually takes some nerve and may well involve having to say no and taking a stand against the status quo.  One may then be accused of making a fuss, urged to turn a blind eye, expected to compromise on integrity or even be threatened.

Thinking about this one could come to the conclusion that it is ultimately much more rewarding for everyone to maintain one’s individuality even when being swept in a current of decision making that is not necessarily in the best interest of all…