Matters of Negative Energies

Although healers are very sensitive and intuitive by nature, not all are aware of the vast amount of different negative energies that occur or form part of our environment.  Be it ley lines, thought forms, geopathic stress, beasties, ghosties or other gremlins, we can be greatly affected by any of these and sometimes only notice when a lot of damage has been done.  Many who have practiced personal and spiritual development for many years and who are trying to live and walk their truth, are still badly affected at times on physical, emotional or mental levels.

Another snag is that few people are able to take full responsibility for their own issues and usually project these onto others, which adds to the unpleasant energies that all of us are bombarded with.  Healers and other Light workers must be extra careful concerning this, since their projections and emotional emanations tend to be much more potent and therefore potentially more harmful.

Newcomers to the ‘New Age’ at times do not realize the profound and complex nature of the work and may therefore mistake the very first steps on the path for competence in a therapy, being enlightened or similar which can be unhelpful.  Often such folk will come to healers for help, healing and guidance because they may have taken on more than bargained for when sending ‘love and light’ to very dark places or having taken on disease (and other) patterns of others.  The one difficulty in Light work is that most do not realise that they do not know all that much and the truth of the matter is that there is always more to learn and experience.  This counts for all of us, however experienced we may be.

Physically cleaning a big office building can be hard work but once done, it’s done!  On energy levels, however, a whole new ballgame comes into play.  When clearing a space of such size, a powerful energy link can be created.  If the cleaner still has many personal shadows to deal with (as many do), they may well draw a mass of similar shadows towards them through that link.  It is the principle of ‘like attracts like’.  In this case, normal protection exercises will not suffice and the person in question may start to feel depressed or unwell.  It is then time to do some intense clearing work on oneself or if this is not effective to have a session with an experienced healer.

Because of the greater infusion of Light, everyone is becoming more and more sensitive, just as everything is intensified.  All that we say, think or do affects others as well as the environment and we are also affected by everything others say, think or do and by the environment.  This obviously includes the past as well as the present.  In order to help create a higher vibration or frequency of living, we can make a difference by addressing our own issues and also by helping others when appropriate and on a larger scale, the environment.  This is at present more of a job for those who understand the world of energy, but soon it may well be necessary for everyone on the planet so we can all evolve into a more enlightened way of being…