Monthly Archives: April 2011


During the last few months, intense questions of Harmony have kept coming up, including questions of disharmony, more often than not disguised behind smiley faces and pleasant words.  All very normal and easy to live with, unless working in the realms of energy and spiritual development, where everything is magnified by Light.

So what does Harmony mean?  Maybe the most simple definition is ‘being in tune’.  This would ideally relate to all levels of our being and then also to the Whole.  Something that is not really possible, because many of us express different tunes, change our tunes when moving forward, (not always in an easy manner) and have to deal at times with issues and people that may be out of tune in the way we perceive them.  It is of course perfectly OK not to be ‘in tune’ with everyone as long as one can accept a different viewpoint and agree to differences when these do not breach ethics or other responsibilities. Continue reading