Karma and Healing

Somebody told me a while ago that the concept of Karma is a thing of the past and that it does not exist any longer. Others state that there are currently healings on offer that purport to fully clear a client’s karma and there, also, still seems to be a general opinion that Karma is a punishment for bad behaviour. It is an interesting subject and I would like to share some of my own opinions about it.I personally interpret the meaning of the word Karma as ‘the law of cause and effect’, rather than anything else. Everything we do affects somebody or something, and, as healers we know that everything we feel and think does the same. In other words whatever we do, think or feel has an effect on the whole. This counts for both the positive and negative and it follows that there is, therefore, both good and bad Karma.

To state that Karma does not exist any longer does not make sense in this context because it would mean that we would not affect anyone or anything with our thoughts, feelings or actions and, therefore, not able to create anything. To state there is no Karma any longer would also imply that we are not accountable or responsible for anything we did, do or will do.

Looking at how or if one could clear anyone’s Karma is an interesting issue. If someone had harmed me and if I would forgive that person unconditionally and if he/she could also forgive him/herself, I suppose that one could state that this specific karmic issue was cleared. Although a healer or therapist could probably help me to let go of this bad experience with more ease, they could not do it for me. It also seems a little odd if a healer would state that they are able to clear away ‘bad karma’ from those who have deliberately harmed others.

Another aspect is that we cannot always see the bigger picture! We all know that so-called good deeds can create much suffering and also that out of ‘bad can come good’. Our motivations are of course important and I personally believe that when we deliberately hurt others, the ‘bad’ karmic implications are probably much worse than when we do so unintentionally.

Obviously the quality of forgiveness is related to anything concerning negative karma and it is indeed a quality to aspire to. By forgiving and letting go & hopefully taking on board any learning experience, we can release much difficult karma for others and ourselves. No third party, however, can do this for us, however gifted or accomplished they may be in their therapy. May be the old saying ‘What goes around comes around’ is not such a bad thing to live by!

It would be wonderful if those who state that (bad) Karma does not exist any longer where right. This would mean that we would all help and support those who needed it and only create health & abundance for everyone!

Who knows…

One thought on “Karma and Healing

  1. Philip Sutcliffe

    I think that a discussion on Karma without introducing the concept of Grace would be an unfortunate omission. Your comments otherwise get right to the point: That Forgiveness is the key to resolution of Karma, and indeed is the whole purpose of The illusion of our life on Earth. Grace is the limitless potential of Love to introduce Healing light, restoring the reality of unity of Spirit in God. Any step towards Gracious effort has within it the seed of Completion of the journey, which we all undertake ultimately, to our Source. We are all exploring the boundlessness of experience. Well done to you and keep up the work. from Healingisus.com

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