Nowadays there are very many different forms of healing. All have different names and all seem to take different amounts of time to learn. The VHF teaches Crystal and Energy (Spiritual) Healing and there are quite a number of other organisations that do the same. Not all seem to have the same idea of what healing is, how one can learn it and how long this takes. It must be very difficult for the newcomer to understand what healing really is, since it is explained in so many different and sometimes nebulous ways. We feel it is therefore a good idea to state in simple terms what we mean by Energy (Spiritual) Healing and we will also do the same regarding Crystal Healing later on.Energy or Spiritual Healing is the linking to and the channelling of Universal, beneficial energies either for oneself or for another person. It is holistic in the way that it does not focus on physical symptoms, but on the cause of these symptoms. We all have an electro magnetic field around our physical bodies and there are various systems within this field. This energy field is also called the aura. Emotional and Mental (thought) states of being are situated in this field, as are memory patterns. Positive and helpful emotions, thoughts and memories will result in a healthy aura, but anything that is difficult will show up as a blockage and ultimately, if not addressed, may result in physical symptoms. This is an over simplified explanation because it is a complex subject, but enough for newcomers to get the idea.

The main questions are:

1.  What is the difference between a medical doctor and a healer?

2.  What does a healer need to learn to do healing and how long does this take?

3.  Can a healer cure me of certain conditions?

4.  What are these energies that healers channel?

1. Conventional Medicine concerns itself with the diagnosis and treatment of the physical body and if a client has psychological problems they may be referred to a psychiatrist, psychologist or a similar therapist.

Energy (Spiritual) Healing concerns itself with the condition of the aura of a client and the channelling of energies where required. It is complementary to conventional medicine, not an alternative.

2. Apart from the practical down to earth issues such as client care, code of conduct etc, a healer needs to be able to link to the Universal energies & channel these and to learn this is fairly easy and can indeed be done in a matter of hours. To learn how to be able to perceive and assess the state of the aura and the systems within it will take a little longer, as will the learning of various techniques. The most important issue is, however, the healer him/herself and this is the reason why a minimum of 2 years of training, supervised practice and healer development are in our view only the barest minimum for anyone to start practising professionally.

The energies channelled by someone who is an unhappy, negative and unfulfilled person are very different from those channelled by someone who is happy, positive and fulfilled in his or her life. We can only channel energies that are in accordance with our own capacity and level of personal and spiritual development. It follows that we can therefore only start to work with others once we have sorted out our own issues to a certain extent. It is also one of the reasons why it states in our code of conduct that we should refrain from healing others when we are unwell in any way.

3. It has to be stated that a healer does not cure anyone of anything. Healing is a process that helps a client with his or her own healing process. It may help ill people regain their health quicker, it can also help to prevent illness and it may help clients to move through difficult stages in their lives etc. The ultimate aim of healing is to empower each individual to the extent that they are able to have a healthy and fulfilled life.

This brings us back to self-healing which is what we ultimately hope that everyone on the planet will be able to do. Until then I would advise anyone who feels out of sorts in any way to go for healing because it is always beneficial. I would also advise those who wish to practice this therapy professionally to take the necessary time and effort to become proficient at it.

4. Everything is energy and this, by the way, also includes our physical form. There are many different types of energy that we can sense. Some are of a lower vibration than others. Think of how you feel in a room where everyone is angry or miserable compared to when you are in a room where everyone has a good time. You will feel very different and the reason for this is because you are aware of the energy that is apparent in the room. You also have a personal energy that other people are aware of and you extend this via your aura.

Healers do not (and should not) channel their own personal energy. They ask for healing or the appropriate beneficial energies for the highest good of their client and then channel these. Who do they ask this from? Who makes these energies available? We in VHF call these energies Universal Energies in the belief that our Universe has been created by a higher order of Love/Intelligence. Others call it ‘The Source’ or ‘God’ or Nature or other names. It does not matter what name it is called by nor does it matter that individuals have different belief systems. Healing bypasses all of that and if you read this and are sceptical, please just try it out and make up your mind after that.

The reasons for writing about this is that of late a number of people have asked me what healing is meant to be and what I think of all the different ways of healing. In my view any healing that involves the channelling of energies of a ‘higher order’ is the same. The methods and techniques may just very a little. If anyone wants to receive healing or learn healing, I would advise to just ask all the necessary questions to the practitioner or school so you are as clear as possible about what you will receive or learn.