Monthly Archives: October 2010


Following on from my rant about the email I received on possible EU restrictions regarding the complementary world, I thought it a good idea to dream a little about what a more positive approach would entail. I believe we are here in order to experience the world of matter for a while, add to and/or alter it by what we create and hopefully do this in joy and harmony. Also maybe learn some lessons, be able to move through challenges and evolve as much as we can. This is a simplified view of course but it works for me. Continue reading

Back to the Dark Ages

Someone just emailed me that the EU has passed a directive that comes into full force in April 2011, that all herbal and mineral supplements are to be banned, all teaching of alternative healing methods will be banned and homeopathic colleges dissolved.  As of this summer it is forbidden to sell books about using plants and minerals. Continue reading