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Bach Flower Remedies and Animal Healing

ANIMAL HEALING –┬áBach Flower Remedies
It has come to our notice recently that it is now against the law to advise owners of animals to give their animal Bach Flower Remedies to ingest, unless one is a vet.

The way to go about it now is to advise the owner of the animal to place some drops on their hands and take it through the fur/aura of the animal in question.  This would of course very much benefit the owner as well, but the whole thing is obviously once again a step against complementary therapies. Continue reading

VHF Ireland: Light in Ireland 1 – Rose Quartz Day, July 7th 2007

The day to activate the 22 Rose Quartzes in Derry was a great success. There were more than 40 participants, most of them healers and all worked hard to help anchor the Light.

Twenty of the Rose Quartzes have been distributed throughout the whole of Ireland, one is in London and His Holiness the Dalai Lama has also been presented with one, which is now at his residence in India. Continue reading